The Power of Team

To Capture History

Historical yet relevant today. The events associated with James Island High School, James Island, Charleston, South Carolina and the South during the late 60s and early to mid-70s. On the power of pulling together as a team, on racial integration challenges and solutions. To learn so that history doesn’t repeat itself.

To Entertain

It’s Friday night football in a fairly small town with a happy ending. It’s the dream of every high school football athlete - to compete for and win a state championship. It was especially sweet for this team of half black and half white athletes of average talent bonded together by the struggle they experienced dealing with the challenges of integration.

To Inspire

The Power of Team can overcome any challenge, particularly if the challenge is an adversity that rises to the level of a cause. And in this case racial bias, perhaps THE major cause of our generation! This team learned to dream its own dream and would not accept what was being forced on them by society.

To Contribute

We are all called to serve and to lead; what an awesome opportunity to recall what we learned during those times and to contribute those learnings to the on-going equality and unity dialogue of today. Any financial success will be shared with targeted youth-based athletic organizations as The Mighty Rams team credits participation in organized sports early in life as a key to their success on and off the field.

To Heal

The actions of that team put a permanent end to racial rioting in the State of SC and forever changed the lives of the team members, coaches, cheerleaders, administration, other classmates and the community; becoming an important historical step in the greater Charleston community's journey to ultimately and finally close racial gaps. The film is produced in hopes that it may play a role in the healing of the Charleston community following the racially inspired tragedy that occurred June 17th, 2015 at Mother Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC.